The 3rd Saturday Paint Out Group




David Peterson’s 3rd Saturday Paint Out

In May we painted at Historic Dry Creek Ranch - Tractor Days
in Rio Linda. There were 10 of us!

April Paint Out was at Jensen Botanical Gardens,
11 am-2 pm Saturday April 20, 2024 There were 12 of us!

On March 16, 2024 3 of us painted at Ancil Hoffman Park.

We were at Effie Yeaw Nature Center - Ancil Hoffman Park
Saturday, February 17, 2024

On Saturday January 20, 2024 we met at River Bend Park on the American River. There were just 2 of us.

On Saturday, December 16, 2023 4 of us met at Watt Avenue American River Access.

The 3rd Saturday Paint Out in October was at the Historic Dry Creek Ranch in Rio Linda, CA. Eight of us attended.

The September Paint Out was at Effie Yeaw Nature Center. In David's absence it was hosted by a regular painter.

On Saturday August 19, 2023 the Meetup was at Mather Lake.

3rd Saturday Paint Out July 15, 2023 was at Davis Ranch Sloughhouse

Eight of us went to and painted at Davis Ranch, the home of Sloughhouse Sweet Corn, on Jackson Rd in Sloughhouse, CA. located in a small green valley, between the Cosumnes River and Deer Creek, rich in history and beautiful year round.

June 17, 2023 - Riverbend Park

May 20, 2023 we painted the Carmichael Presbyterian Church
which is celebrating with art - A Centennial!

The paintings are showing now at the CPC Gathering Place Gallery until January..
Reception was June 24 at 4-7 pm.

April 15th was an afternoon Paint Out at Jensen Botanical Gardens.
1-4 pm. It was a a beautiful day.

On March 18, 2023 we painted at the Ancil Hoffman Park in Carmichael.

February Paint Out was on the American River at the Watt Avenue Access.
November 19, 2022 I was at at Effie Yeaw Nature Centers Holiday Sale.

October 2022 3rd Saturday Paint Out - Miller Park

In September on the 3rd Saturday I was in Rancho Cordova Art and Community Center, the MACC, for SAC Open Studio tour.

Hot August
Watt Avenue Recreation Area-American River
August 20, 2022 9:00 AM 12 PM

7 painters attended the Meetup at Mather Lake July 16, 2022.

June 18, 2022 we painted at Cosumnes River Preserve. 2 of us :(

In May 2022 the 3rd Saturday Paint Out was at Sutters Fort–Midtown
2701 L Street, Sacramento

April 16, 2022 - Meetup at Mather Lake

March 19, 2022-WPA Rock Garden - William Land Park

February 19, 2022: Effie Yeaw Nature Center, 9:30 am

In January we painted at Fair Oaks Village Plaza.

December 2021 3rd Saturday Paint Out was at the South Watt Avenue American River Access.

In November 2021 the artist was vending at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center Holiday Sale.

The October Paint Out will be at the Wm. Ponds Recreation Area.
October 16, 9:30-12:30

The September Paintout was complicated by the fact it was the Sac Open Studio tour. Artists painted on their own.

The 3rd Saturday Paint Out was at the Jensen Botanical Gardens in Carmichael in August!

We were at Mather Regional Park - Mather Lake
Saturday, July 17, 2021

Register for some exciting events part of Plein Air Sac.

On June 2021 nine of us painted in Fair Oaks Town Square with the chickens.

In May 2021 we painted at River Bend Park - American River Parkway

Saturday, April 17, 2021
8 artists painted Mills Station Arts and Cultural Center - “The MACC”
MACC website:

We enjoyed painting at Effie Yeaw Nature Center Saturday March 20, 2021.

Join me as I paint the urban scene. I'll be again painting out front at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center/Gift Gallery, at 9683 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624. Join me there as I paint a couple of demo watercolors Saturday February 20, 11 am-2 pm. Shown is a 22x15" watercolor painted last week. I have a huge exhibit in the gallery that runs through February 25

We painted downtown Roseville January 16, 2021. Met at Civic Center 9:30 am. A visit to Blue Line Arts was suggested to see the Crocker Kingsley Show. But the 15 or so artists stuck to their paintings. Where to next month?

We painted under the Watt Avenue bridge over the American River. December 19, 2020.

We painted at Effie Yeaw Nature Center on November 27, 2020, Black Friday

In November on the 3rd Saturday I was an exhibiting artist at
Vannatta Winery’s Holiday Art Show November 21, 2020. 10-4 pm.
I was one of one of six artists showing Holiday Art!
I will demondtrated my unique style of painting

October 2020 we painted in the Mather Regional Park, 9:30 am- 12:30 pm

I cancelled September 2002 Paint Out

August 15, 2020 we painted Fair Oaks Village in 107 degree heat!

July 18, 2020, Amador City, CA

Amador City – home of a picturesque hotel and other buildings, yields lots of plein air scenes. There is a small antiquated bridge and creek. There is a public bathroom on Main St. Parking is free, and there are restaurants nearby.
Sadly, the Andrae’s bakery is closed for a sabbatical.
To get there take Jackson Highway (CA-16) E to Amador County, turn right on CA 49 S and then turn left onto Main St/Old California 49 and continue through Amador City to free parking on the left opposite the closed Andrae’ bakery. The trip is about 45 minutes from Sacramento depending where you are coming from. (37 miles from my home).
Please RSVP by email: Lost? Questions? Can’t find us? Call David Peterson 916-716-5951.

3rd Saturday Paint Out was held at Jensen Botanical Gardens June 20, 2020

Dear 3rd Saturday Painters,
I have cancelled the 3rd Saturday Paint Out for the month of April and May.

In January and in February 2020 we painted at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center on the 3rd Saturday.

December 21, 2019 9:30 AM – 12 PM Watt Avenue Access is conveniently located just off busy Watt Ave. on rhe south side of the river adjacent to the bridge. This where we were past Decembers.

Rain or shine. There is shelter under the bridge.

The Watt Avenue access point is a perfect example of the proximity of the river to the urban environment. How to Get There: From U.S. Highway 50, take the Watt Avenue North exit. Stay in the right lane and exit at La Riviera Drive. Make a left at the end of the La Riviera ramp, and then make a right into the park’s gates. There is a $5 fee, unless you have a County Parks annual pass. There are restrooms. There are nearby resturants. Upon entering the gate go over the levee and turn left under the bridge. Park and meet near the restroom. There are plenty of painting sites, some are a short hike. The boat ramp is a good place to set up for non-hikers. If you want to walk we can show you plenty of wonderful spots.


November 3rd Saturday Paint Out was at the Davis Ranch in Sloughhouse. There were 15 artists painting on this beautiful fall day.

3rd Saturday Paint Out – Carmichael Presbyterian Church Saturday October 19, 2019

There really was not going to be a Paint Out in September. I was participating at SAC Open Studios in September.

August was cancelled.

There is no formal paint out in July. You are signed up to compete at the State Fair, right?

3rd Saturday Paint Out June 15, 2019, 9-1 pm Plaza Park - Old Fair Oaks Village Were you there?

On May 18 we met at Jensen Botanical Gardens at 8520 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Carmichael, California.

Met in the Afternoon Arcade Creek Park - Jo Smith Nature Trail
Saturday, April 20, 2019

In April join us at Arcade Park at 12:30 pm for a quite afternoon at the begining of the Jo Smith Nature Walk.

In March the 3rd Saturday Paint Out Sacrame to Fine Arts Center in the Sutter Buttes!

3rd Saturday Paint Out in February 2019 was at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Effie Yeaw Nature Center, October 20, 2018. With the left hand.

January 2019 - Sutters Fort
December 2018 - Watt Avenue Access
November 2018 - Cancelled

3rd Saturday Paint Out - Sutters Fort–Midtown
9:30 am-1pm Saturday, November 18, 2017 - remember we were there last year and painted in the rain!

3rd Saturday Paint Out in October 2017 was at Ancil Hoffman Park.
We met at the location at 9:30 am. There were 5 of us.

Where shall we go in November?

September 16, 2017, 9:30 am -1 pm Come join us for a special 3rd Saturday Paint out in the Arden Arcade area. Artists will arrive at 10 am and we will paint in the garden of Sheila Jcobs on the Open Studio tour. Meet Sheila and other artistsand visitors! Sheila Jacobs Studio, Gallery and Garden is located at 4365 Morpheus Lane, Sacramento CA 95864. Her studio is a stop in the Sacramento Open Studio Tour! There other artists studios are nearby. Lost? Questions? Can’t find us? Call David Peterson: Cell: 916-716-5951

August: I was in Yosemite!

July: We were at the Fair!

3rd Saturday Paint Out June 17, 2017, 9-1 pm Plaza Park - Old Fair Oaks Village

Fair Oaks’ uniqueness stems from its existing business core and town center. Located in the Village on Fair Oaks Blvd is a historic plaza bordered by historic buildings full of unique galleries and shops. The village shares the similar characteristics one could find in a small town atmosphere, scenes of the old historic Fair Oaks Village buildings, roosters and chickens.

DIRECTIONS From Highway 50, exit Sunrise towards Rancho Cordova. Drive over the river to Fair Oaks. Turn right off Sunrise on to Fairs Oaks Blvd. Turn left at the first stop sign, and you will remain on Fair Oaks Blvd. The village square is located on the right just past the next stop sign. Early arrivers will be able to park at the park. Parking is free, and there are restrooms nearby.



\We painted at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center January 21, 2017. We, that is me and one other guy. I think the girls were wearing pink hats and marching on something.
PDF Flyer

December 17, 2016 we will meet at Watt Avenue American River Access 9 am. PDF Flyer
Cancelled. Flooding. Let's try it in January!

On November 19, 2016 we met at Sutters Fort in the rain.

On October 15, 2016 I painted by myself in Old Sacramento.

Join us September 17, 2016 at Patris Studio and Gallery pdf

On August 20, 2016 Davis Ranch Sloughhouse pdf

On the July 2016 3rd Saturday we participated in the Plein Air at the Fair Contest.

June 2016 we painted in Amador City

3rd Saturday in may we participated in the Art Where Wild Things Are event at Effie Yeaw Nature Center

April 16, 2016 WPA Gardens in Land Park pdf

March 2016 found us on the American River at Watt Avenue with "High Water".

November 3rd Saturday Paint Out was at the Wm Ponds Rec Area.

October 3rd Saturday Paint Out was led by Kate Grebitus and was in Old Town Auburn.

September 2015 3rd Saturday Paint Out was at the Sacramento Zoo

Missed the 3rd Saturday Paint out August 15, 2015. I was in Yosemite. Where are we going on September 19th?
"Plein Air in the Park", August 15, 2015.

July 18-19, 2015, California State Fair Plein Air at the Fair
Register by July 10, 2015

June 20, 2015, Fair Oaks Plaza Park

May 16, May 2015, Carmichael Park, "Shades of Carmichael"

April 18, 2015, Vernal Pools, Phoenix Park Fair Oaks, CA.

March 21, 2015. Paint the Capitol! 9 am-12:30 pm
Downtown Sacramento at State Capitol Park near Rose Garden on 15th Street, near L St.

February 21, 2015, 9:30-12:30
Area William B. Pond recreation area is one of the most well established and popular parks along the river. Physically handicapped anglers can access the large, man-made fishing pond via a specialized fishing pier and ramp. Paved walking trails gently slope around the park.There are restrooms, tables and a short walk to the river. Fees: $5.00 per vehicle. Flyer

December 20, 2014, we painted at Watt Avenue American River South Access.

The November 3rd Saturday paint Out was in Old Sacramento. We metat the corner of Front Street and J November 15, 2014.

Join David Peterson’s 3rd Saturday Paint Out. Every month artists paint in a different location.
The October 3rd Saturday Paint Out was in Oak Park 10 am-4 pm
at "Amy's Haunted House" on the corner of 33rd Street and 4th Avenue, Sacramento, CA

"Amy's Haunted House", 22"x15" watercolor, October 19, 2014

The 3rd Saturday Paintout is an ad hoc group of outdoor painters in the Sacramento region. David Peterson is carrying on the tradition started decades ago. Earl Thollander, John Hansen, Whitt Cox, William Tuthill and Don Birrell were early participants. It was carried on by Bob Miller and others. After a long hiatus it was revived by Bob Miller, Paula Lloyd who were joined by David Peterson! There is no membership, no fee required. Just get on the notification list and show up and paint. Open to beginners and professionals of all mediums from pastel to photography, watercolor, oils, acrylic, pencil and what ever you make marks with. Third Saturday Paintout Group meets year round and is not associated with any art organization.

June 2014 3rd Saturday Paint Out was at Miller Park.

May 3rd Saturday Paint Out - Jensen Botanical Gardens.
April 3rd Saturday Paint Out - Phoenix Park Vernal Pools

3rd Saturday Pint Out in March 2014 was Vernon Street, Roseville.

In February the 3rd Saturday Paintout was at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. The March 2014 location to be announced.

3rd Saturday Paintout - Tower Theater
9:00 am - 1 pm Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meet in the south end of Willies Burgers parking lot, 2415 16th St., Sacramento, CA 95818,
which is opposite our famous Sacramento icon, the Tower Theatre. Flyer

December 21st we painted at South Watt American River Access.

In October 2013 we painted in Miller Park! In November, (above) Old Town Folsom.

"Patris Studio and Gallery, Oak Park", 22"x15" watercolor. 2013.

September 3rd Saturday Paint was at Patris Studio and Gallery in Historic Oak Park.

The artist will attend an art class at the Yosemite Art Center in Yosemite Village on the 3rd Saturday in August! See you there! 10 am!

We skipped the 3rd Saturday Paintout in July! You participated in the California State Fair Plein Air at the Fair Contest, right? David Peterson won 3rd place!.

We met up at Fair Oaks Plaza Park 10219 Fair Oaks Blvd. , Fair Oaks, CA, in June! We were pleased to be treated so well by the owner of The Feathered Nest, Linda Aker!

"Garfield Avenue Crossing Arcade Creek" , May 18, 2013

Third Saturday paintout on May 18, 2013 was at Arcade Creek Park – Jo Smith Nature Trail. There were only two of us. Where were you!

"Living History Day at the Old Fort"

The 3rd Saturday paintout in March was at Sutters Fort, Midtown!

In April we will paint in in Sutter-Jensen Park again.

January 3rd Saturday Paint Out, January 19th, was at Capitol Park. Bruce Hancock hosted.

In November David painted alone in the rain in Old Sacramento. In December a group painted at the South Access Watt Avenue Bridge.

"Painter and Fisherman" on the American River.

The September 3rd Saturday Paint Out (September 15th) was in the WPA Botanical Gardens in Wm. Land Park! In October 2012 we painted in the Jenson Botanical Gardens in Carmichael.

"Sutter Avenue in Carmichael", watercolor, 22"x15". Painted in Sutter-Jensen Park See this work at WASH Open Show at Sacramento Fine Arts Center, September 4- 29, 2012.

The 3rd Saturday Paint Out - Cesar Chavez Plaza Park
Saturday, May 19, 2012 was attended by 4 of us. Two Joannes, David and Bets. This work will be availble at Blue Moon Gallery in August!

"Sutter-Jensen Plein Air" painted at the March 2012 3rd Saturday Paint Out. 22"x30" alla prima. This painting has sold to benefit Sutter-Jensen Park improvement. Sold! Thank you Sally!

The 3rd Saturday Paint Out for January was "Paint the Tower" from Willies parking lot.

"J Street Crusin'", 15"x22" watercolor painted at the 3rd Saturday Paint Out.
See this painting at Sacramento Fine Arts Center April 3-21, 2012.
The December 3rd Saturday Paintout was in Old Sacramento, Jay Street and Front, and was attended by 4 people, Bob, Ruth, Bill and David. The 200 other painters signed up on the list missed a great painting day in the December sun.

3rd Saturday Paint Out November 19, 2011 was at Historic Sutter Street, Folsom. There were 13 painters, watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastel. Here is "Sutter Club", watercolor by David Peterson. This painting has been donated to KVIE Channel 6.

In October, 2011, the 3rd Saturday paint Out Was ay McKinley park in East Sacramento.

We painted the Sacramento River, Miller Park, Saturday September 17, 2011.

The 3rd Saturday "Ad hoc" Paintout Group next meets every month at a different location. Click to be on notification list. The 3rd Saturday Paintout for August 20th was in Old Sacramento at Front and J Streets. The September 3rd Saturday Paint Out was Miller Park.

In October the 3rd Saturday Paint Out will paint McKinely Park and the Clunie Clubhouse!

The 3rd Saturday Paintout for June 18, 2010 was at Jensen Botanical Gardens, Carmichael. "Jensen Gardens Visit", 22"x15" watercolor interpretation of the verdant gardens in the early summer. 14 painters came and painted, including Earl Boley, Jenni Tsopoli, and Jack Warren.

In May 2011 we painted at Effie Yeaw Nature Center. "Nature Center", 22'x15" watercolor, private collection.

"Boeger Winery Vineyards in the Snow", March 19, 2011. 22"x15" watercolor, all prima.

Where did we go January 15, 2011? East Lawn Cemetery. Painting by David Peterson

"Urban Tower", December 18, 2010. See a Bee Photo Essay Here.

December, 2010 3rd Saturday Paintout was theTower Theater Sacramento from Willies parking lot.. Download flyer with map and details here.

October 2010 location was Cesar Chavez Plaza. The September location was Sutters Fort and St. Francis Church. "St. Francis Church", 30"x22" watercolor, September 18, 2010.

In August 2010 the group met at UC Davis Arboretum. Ten painters enjoyed the cool day and painted around the west end of the Arboretum.

July 2010 paintout location was the Oak Park Historical District.
Bob Miller was the lead, the group met at the Farmers Market

Email David to be on the notification list.

In June, we met at Charles Jensen Botanical Gardens. Ten of us painted in the cool verdant gardens.

David Peterson's rendering of the "Covered Bench", at Jenson Botanical Gardens, June 2010.

3rde Saturday Paintout joined "Painting Where the Wild Things Are", on May 15th at.
Effie Yeaw Nature Center - Ancil Hofman Park

Christopher Grimes painting at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center

April 3rd Saturday 2010, 9 of us met at the Folsom Powerhouse.

March 20, 2010 a record number of 3rd Saturday Painters converged on 2nd Street in Old Sacramento.

Looking north from K Street in Old Sacramento.

February 20, 2010 we met at the Plaza in Fair Oaks Village.

In January 2010,15 painters converged at East Lawn, Folson Blvd. and braved the cold and painted in this century old cemetery.

"William Land Memorial at East Lawn", January 16, 2010, watercolor, 22"x15".

December's 3rd Saturday Paintout was at Watt Avenue American River Access.

"Hey that's beautiful, he called out from up on the bridge", Number 1750, painted at American River Access under the Watt Avenue Bridge.




Watercolor No. 1695, "American River Yellow Sky", Fall 2009, 22x15". Alla Prima.


November 21, 2009 we went to Davis Ranch, Sloughhouse. There were 13 in the group.

Davis Ranch, by David Peterson, 30"x22" watercolor


October 17, 2009, Sutter Street Folsom

See pictures of past paintouts. Click here.