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Join the artist at the 3rd Saturday Paintout December 19th,
and at the Blue Moon Gallery December 20th.

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Above Photo by Bob Murray



Just for fun, "Old Sacramento Tooter", painted Friday December 4, 2009 on site in Old Sac. 22"x15". All aboard.

"Locked In Paint", watercolor, 22"x15", painted at the Blue Moon Gallery November 29th from a sketch done in Locke CA. The artist will paint at the BMG tomorrow,
December 5th, from 1-6pm.

Watercolor No. 1724, "Way Down Town", Ol' Sac, November 24, 2009. I painted this in the studio from sketches done on site. Soon I am going to own this corner. Front and Jay. 22"x15" for sale from the artist.

Watercolor Number 1699, "Depot", painted on site Friday afternoon, October 23, 2009 at Front Street and Jay near the valet parking lot. This 22"x15" work is for sale at the Blue Moon Gallery in Sacramento.

Watercolor #1707, "Ol' Sac Costume Shop", 15"x22", painted opposite Evangeline's
in Old Sacramento, October 30, 2009. This is #3 of 4 paintings painted this Friday.

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