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1555 River Park Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95815
Hours 7-4
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Selected With 1st Prize, KVIE Art Auction 2007

Watercolor No. 952, "Chalk It Up Vendors, Fremont Park", September 3, 2007.
I was there most of the day. I didn't see you! See more "Chalk It Up' art click HERE.

Watercolor No. 945, "Homeless in Paradise", 22"x15", For sale framed and delivered in the Sacramento are, $400.00.

Watercolor No. 947, "Pony Ride", 22"x15", Painted from sketches at the State Fair, August 28, 2007. Happy Birthday Mom.

Watercolor 946, "Sunday Idle", 22"x15", August 26, 2007. For sale $400.00, framed.

Watercolor 943, "WPA Rock Garden Strollers", 22"x15" Watercolor. August 26, 2007. sale framed, $400.00.

Watercolor 943, "American River Idle". 22"x15". August 26, 2007, Watercolor, For Sale 400.00 framed and delivered in the Sacramento area

Watercolor 913, "Hot Dog Stand", Watercolor, 11"x15". Matted and framed, $200.00.




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