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Park update: On Thursday I visited SARA Park, families and the neighbors and some photgraphers were enjoying the rive, the parking lot had beed swept and the trash emptied. But there was a remnant of a fresh campfire at our painting site, reminding me that our parkway has other users after hours.

"Parkway Parking", August 19, 2008. Unique number of this original watercolor is 1286. 22"x15". For sale. Contact the artist. Above interpretation. Below photograph. The message is the same. Take back our parkway. Start by buying an annual pass here.

Take back our parks! This is a photo of SARA Park, American River Parkway,
August 15, 2008, site of at least 2 felonies this weekend.

Watercolor Number 1279, "Roadside Winery", painted as a demo August 9, 2008. 22'x15". For sale. Contact the artist.

"Jensen Gardens Paint Out", July 14, 2008. Watercolor No. 1275. For sale framed, $400.00. This is a summer time painting of one of my favorite painting spots. More

Watercolor No. 1216, "Shelley", showing August 11 through Saturday, September 13, 2008 at the 11th Annual Henry Fukuhara Workshop Exhibition at APC Fine Arts Gallery, 1621 Cabrillo Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501. Reception August 16, 1-5pm at the gallery. This painting and another are available for puchase at the gallery.


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