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Watercolor No. 1203, "Art and Wine Stroll '08", 103 degrees in Vacaville, May 17, 2008. I demonstrated watercolor in the Town Square for 5 hours. I painted 6 or 7 keepers this day. The creative juices were working in spite of the heat and the pain! You can do it too!

Watercolor No. 1202, "McKinley Park Rose Garden", painted this morning at the park in the shade, We missed you there at the 3rd Saturday Paint Out! Attending this paint out were Rod, Barbara, Liz, Linda, Kathy, Qinqin, David L., Bob, and david P. See you in Vacaville tonight. See you at Ars Gratia Artis tomorrow.

I'm Home! Watercolor No. 1200, "Fulton Avenue Auto Transport", sketched on Fulton Avenue, painted in my garage studio. I was a witness to this great transport in the middle of Fulton Avenue pickin up cars! Even if it was breakin' the law it was classic Fulton Avenue!


May 13, 2008.I painted another on location work on Sunday morning in the Alabamas and it is to scary to show. I am home again. I sketched on Fulton Avenue on Monday after the WASH Meeting. See you Tuesday night at the "Hang Out and Do Art" Open Studio at SFAC!

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