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May 12, 2008. Home again. I didn't make it to Bodie, I came home and went to a Mothers Day Event with the mother of my children.

May 11, 2008. Today is Mothers day and I am on my way home. I will attempt to stop in Bodie. The wind is not blowing, maybe I can get a painting. Last night I painted in the Alabama Hills at dusk and got blown away.

May 10, 2008. Today is a travel day. I stopped at Rhiolite, a ghost town on the edge of Death Valley National Park, and painted in the "heat". It was extreme outdoor painting. Wonder why there are so few Death Valley Plien Aire paintings? No one wants to get out of the car!

Watercolor No. 1197, "Train Depot in Rhiolite", 22"x15". This train station is boarded up now, behind a wire fence. It appears to have had an illustrious history.

On Thursday, May 9 we painted on the Virgin River near the Visitor Center. We were joined by Michelle, Anna May and Karen. After a great lunch at Oscars in Springdale, Russell and I returned to his studio where I painted 2 more and began to pack up to return home back the way I came. I will be in Lone Pine on Saturday.

Watercolor No. 1195, "Zion I", Painted in Russell Blacks studio on May 9, 2008, after a day at Zion National Park.

May 9, 2008- On May 8and 9 David travelled with Russell Black to Zions National Park to paint. This, as you can imagine is an overwhelming subject to interpret. The first day we set up, after a tram ride up through the canyon and back, at the trail head for the Zion Narrows. Later in the day, after lunch at the Lodge, we worked behind the Natural History Museum.

Watercolor No. 1189, "The Eye of the Mountain", painted in Zions National Park May 8, 2008. This is my favorite work of 3 paintings this day.


Watercolor No. 1187, " Tabernacle", 15"x22", painted in the town Square in St. George, Utah, May 7, 2008. This work is for sale. contact the artist. The figure in the foreground is an art critic!

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