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Watercolor No.1105, 'Port of Sacramento", I got a value sketch done before the West Sacramento Police made me move my car, but I came back and painted two. We had a renown group of seven painters today at the barge canal in West Sacramento and in spite of the hiking up and down the levee to move our cars we had a successful day!

Below: the 2008 Superbowl Paintout results:

Watercolor No. 1095, "Superbowl 2008 I", Where were you. I was on the river and painted three quick intrepretations. Watercolor, 22"x15", February 3, 2008. For sale!

Watercolor No. 1096, "Superbowl 2008 II". I didn't actually finish these paintings the day of the big game, but I got enough started in the few minutes I had to have something to finish later. Watercolor, 22"x15", February 3, 2008. For sale!

Watercolor No. 1096a, "Superbowl 2008 III". I like the colors that came to me as I splashed paint in the pre-dusk on the American River. Who won the game? Watercolor, 22"x15", February 3, 2008. For sale!

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