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Watercolor No. 1099, "Deer on the River", Ain't they cute! Watercolor, 22"x15", Painted some time in early February 2008 for the "Animal House Art Exhibit but never entered. Yes it is for sale!

Watercolor No. 1093, "Fulton Avenue Fast Food", 22"x15", January 28-31, 2008. For sale $400 framed, ask about an "employee" discount! This work was at University Art. It is now on display at Papayas Cafe..

Watercolor No. 1092, "January Sun", 22"x15".January 28, 2008. The sun came out today and I went down to the American River and stood there on the road and painted with my hat off and soaked it up. I will sell this interpretation of a winter day on the river for $500 framed.. Later: I learn this work gets the Merit Award in a local show, the WASH Show. It is now available at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center Rental Gallery.

Watercolor No.1091, "Accidental Violet", an American River interprtation, January 26, 2008, 22"x15", framed and ready to hang, $400, pending exhibition.

Watercolor No. 1089, "Your Corner", you know where this is. You can buy cars here and Pizza. Artwork is 22" x 15". For sale, framed, $400.

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