Watercolor No. 1114, "Town and Country", 22" x 15", For sale, framed, $500.
Was available at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center Members Sales and Rental Gallery 2008.
Submitted to and accepted NCA Membership Show, 2008.
Submitted and accepted The New Artworks Gallery Open Show 2008, with Merit Award More

Open Letter to Susan Peters
Oh my God, do you actually believe spending millions of dollars to bury the utility poles on Fulton Avenue will stimulate the local economy? Give me a break! What actually is going to happen is the “charm” of Fulton Avenue is going to be destroyed. The quaintness of the street where we bought our first cars, where we cruised to “Harveys”, where we took out our first dates, where we went out on prom night to he Buggy Whip or to the Corral Reef is going to disappear. How are we going to recognize our Arden Arcade Main Street without it’s telephone poles! I am doing my best to record our Fulton Avenue of the past, our street with poles and cars and fast food. Heaven help us if it changes into a desert without “trees”!
David Peterson, Artist
Summer 2008