Watercolor No. 1077, "Neighborhood Oak", aka, "SVS Oak", was painted at the Sacramento Valley School January 8, 2008. 22" x 15".
For sale , $500. See at Papayas Cafe, purchase from the artist.


This is an interpretation of the large Valley Oak, (quercus lobatus), that protects the school where I work and volunteer. I initially created the small value plan for the painting during a staff meeting at the school. The next day I painted the work using an acrylic wash to begin and and opaque white to finish. The important part of this painting was stopping before I wrecked it. I enjoyed creating a puzzle with the branches that start from anywhere and end nowhere. This massive oak shows itself best in January sans foliage. It stands proud having just survived, with minor damage, the Storm of '08.
This work was accepted Vacaville Annual Juried Open Show, April 25-May 23, 2008.
It was awarded an Honorable Mention. This work was also displyed at WASH Membership Show. This work was awarded a Special Recognition at WASCO Aqua Areas Exhibit in September, 2008.


© 2008 David Peterson