California State Fair 2008

At the State Fair this year David participated in the Plein Aire program
August 22-24, 2008. The next week
Woody Hansen and David Peterson shared a demonstration booth in the Fine Arts Exhibition. There were probably 6-7 paintings created by each artist each day. In spite of this unprecedented creativity, the Rats, Cats and Bats exhibit next door outdrew us.

Below are some examples of the many paintings created at the Fair

Watercolor No. 1291, 15":x11", painted at the main gate the first day at the fair. For sale, contact the artist


Watercolor No. 1297, Painted August 27, 2008 at the Fair. For sale, contact the artist.

Watercolor No. 1294. "Turf Club", painted at the Californis State Fair Sunday,
August 24, 2008. 22"x14", For sale, contact the artist.

"State Fair Carasol", 2006, painted at the State Fair. Big Fun!

"Green Fun", 15"x11", for sale. Look for it at upcomings events and sale in my display.

©2008 David Peterson