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1555 River Park Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95815
Hours 7-4
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Selected With 1st Prize, KVIE Art Auction 2007


Watercolor No. 974, "Watt and Arden I", Watercolor, 22"x15", September 27, 2007. Sold! Thank you. This is a creative interpretation of our neighborhood.

Watercolor No. 926, "Locked Again", July 15, 2007. I just found this one and I will take it to Vacaville Saturday and put it up for sale for $200.00 along with other unframed matted artwork. Yes this is an interpretation of Locke, CA.

Today I painted in the Jensen Botanical Gardens and I hope to finish up that painting and get it posted. I also finished 2 pieces "Watt and Arden, I and II" which will be on view next.

Watercolor No. 973, "Ain't She an Artist", 22"x15". September 24, 2007. For sale $400.00, pending exhibition at the Sojourner Truth Art Festival on October 6th in South Sacramento.

Watercolor No. 970, "Tent Sale", 22"x14", For sale $500.00, September 16, 2007. I sketched this out in my car waiting for a stop light, and painted it in my garage later. Awarded Honorable Mention at CWA Holiday Show2007.



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