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Watercolor Number 1552, "Keeler Green", painted in the studio from a sketch. 22"x15" on Winsor & Newton paper. My head is full of memories and my sketchbook is full of images from the trip to the Eastern Sierra. More paintings to come.

Watercolor Number 1551, "Merritt Park Painter", painted at "Hang Out With Art" open studio, May 5, from sketches done at Manzanar on Sunday May 3, 2009. That is Al Setton painting.

Watercolor Number 1547, "Merritt Park", painted at scene of the park at Manzanar, May 3, 2009. 22"x15". The park is an archeological dig now, there is no water now. I put the water shape in like maybe it was in 1945. This morning we went to Keeler for a painting demo by Woody Hansen. I painted the Talc Mill again! I will post tomorrow.

Watercolor No. 1542, "Yellow Sky", painted in the Alabama Hills, May 2, 2009, as part of the Henery Fukuhara Watercolor Workshop. Tomorrow we go to Manzanar.

My companion and I traveled safely to Lone Pine this first of May. I "forgot" my camera so I am unable to post the painting I did this afternoon. Instead, I will post, in honor of Woody Hansen's Birthday, this portrait I painted a week ago today.

Happy Birthday Woody Hansen.

Watercolor Number 1526, "Manzanar Meetup", painted in anticipation of the 12th Annual Henry Fukuhara Manzanar Workshopin the Eastern Sierras, May 1-4, 2009. I am on my way and will post news and art work daily.


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