Watercolors by David Peterson
Sacramento Valley School Art Show
August 9, 2008, 2:30-7:30pm.

1st Place Watercolor at
KVIE Art Auction

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1555 River Park Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95815
Hours 7-4
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Watercolor No. 1254, "Lone Pine Last December", I painted this one to cool off, it is over 100 degrees this week, to remember December 1 when it was 25 degrees in Lone Pine CA when I sketched this Highway 395 scene. For sale for you, in a frame, $400.

Watercolor No. 1247, "Wooden Valley Vineyards", 22"x15". Hope you had a safe 4th of July.. This interpretation of the Suisun Valley is for sale, contact the artist via email. For more paintings click here.

Watercolor No. 1244, "Coffee Shop", painted Monday June 30, 2008. Here is an Arden Arcade carmichael scene. I found this in my sketch book and went for it. Yes, that is a '58 Studebaker. This 22"x15" work is for sale. Contact the artist David Peterson.

Watercolor No. 1242, "Vacaville Town Hall", 15"x22", Painted on site June 29, 2008. This work is for sale at Vacaville Art Gallery.

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©2008 David Peterson
Photo ©2007 Bob Murray